14th February 2017


Deirdre is clearly a very accomplished scientist with an impressive knowledge base. She is a willing, enthusiastic and approachable scientist who relishes an intellectual challenge. Deirdre has in fact been an inspiration to my own scientific career in the short time I worked with her and helped me to make the decision to study for a Ph.D.

Caroline Tolley, Life Sciences Consulting Analyst at Quintiles

During her time in Leukocyte Biology, Imperial College London, it became obvious to me that Deirdre McIntosh was an excellent scientist, with deep knowledge and understanding of her field, strong technical ability, initiative, independence and considerable analytical skill. It is with pleasure that I recommend Deirdre.

Dr. Peter Clark, Senior Lecturer, National Heart and Lung Institute, Imperial College, London

an innovative scientist who communicated well both verbally and in scientific writing.. an excellent, hard-working biochemist and electron microscopist -she is also, in my opinion, an effective teacher.

Harold F. Dvorak, MD, Mallinkrodt Professor of Pathology Emeritus of Harvard Medical School and former chief of the division of pathology at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC)

Research mainly relies on grants and foundations for their success in bringing a project to completion. Publication writing of results is complex, time consuming and needs a professional English proof reading. Deirdre Mcintosh has provided that touch. I highly appreciate the specific quality of her work, the efficiency in which it is completed and the results obtained.

Dr Coralie Martin, CR1 INSERM, Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris, France

I thought I would write to you to transmit a big thank you for the guidance through the technology transfer maze that you have offered my group in the last year. On all three of the projects we have afoot you had sensible ways forward that I would never otherwise have seen. Your help has been instrumental in very much altering the ways that we are attacking the three current problems on immunomodulation, circulating stem cells and pancreatic cancer trials.

You and I have worked together for several decades now on a variety of issues but perhaps predominantly on matters concerned with cell membranes, their complexity and behaviour patterns. The work you did in the USA was ground-breaking in this field and I learned a great deal from you. The contact with Tim in the lab many years ago probably got you off to a good start. He and you made a formidable liposome team at a time when these fascinating entities were only just beginning to be considered as vehicles for chemotherapeutic agents.

I admired enormously the way you carved out a career for yourself from the ranks of laboratory technicians to becoming a fully fledged scientist capable of devising and executing your own research programs. One of your great strengths was the fact that you never lost the inventiveness and skill you showed as a bench scientist.

AJS Davies, Professor Emeritus in Immunobiology, London University