14th February 2017


Deirdre McIntosh PhD


  • Obtained an M.Phil (liposome-mediated delivery of toxins to tumours) and a PhD at the Institute of Cancer Research (London) researching the plant toxin ricin as a targeted chemotherapeutic agent.
  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Manchester, UK. Leading a project investigating the pharmacokinetics and efficacy of cisplatin-antibody conjugates.
  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow then Instructor in Pathology at Harvard Medical School, Boston. USA. Studied vascular targeting strategies for cancer chemotherapy and the structure, biochemistry and trafficking properties of caveolae in the vascular endothelium
  • Senior Scientist – Liposomes as Drug Delivery Systems to Tumours in vivo – Inex Pharmaceuticals. Vancouver, Canada
  • Assistant Professor, University of Siena, Italy – working on lipid rafts and plasma membrane domains in lymphocyte populations.
  • Senior Research Fellow at Imperial College, London. – investigated the transcellular pathways used by chemokines in the mesothelium.
  • Head of R&D and Executive Scientific Director at Daval International. UK. Responsible for research, product development and release and scientific compliance with regulatory affairs strategy.
  • Senior Regulatory Affairs Project Manager/Scientific Consultant at ERA Consulting (UK) Ltd, London, UK. Responsible for liaising with industry for the preparation of briefing documents for regulatory agency submissions, technical reports, scientific advice, IMPDs, Gap Analyses, Paediatric Investigation Plans, Orphan Drug Applications and MAA dossier compilation for biological products
  • More than 25 years experience in academic research, 5 years experience of pharmaceutical product research, development and licensing in the biotech industry (Canada and UK) and regulatory affairs.


Regulatory Affairs, Medical writing, Patents, Manufacturing methods, Bioassays, Molecular Medicine, Targeted Chemotherapeutic Agents, Tissue Culture Systems, Drug Delivery Systems, Liposome Technology, Lipid Rafts & Plasma Membrane Domains, Mammalian cell biology, Tumour cell biology, Tumour models (in vivo), Endocytotic & Transcytotic Trafficking Pathways, Electron Microscopy.


weight loss/gain
control of inflammation
prevention of disease
food as medicine